Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Every 3 Years?

It seems I feel the need to write a blog every 3 years? This being the latest ramblings in an Ironman trilogy. In fact it's not really a blog, but a diary. Just some scribbles and memories I can look back on. For some reason it encourages me to train that little bit more? Odd, I know, because as the title of this blog would suggest there shouldn't be any need for finding a reason to train!
Despite being a trilogy I managed to complete two more Ironman events since 'Roth 2013'.
IM Barcelona 2015 and another trip to Klagenfurt for IM Austria earlier this summer. At the former I had the good fortune to qualify for what a lot of  Age Group athletes consider the greatest show on earth. Something I would never have dreamt of when writing that first blog in 2010. 
I didn't write blogs on here for those two events (just as well as this wouldn't be a trilogy but a pentolgy/quintolgy? Had to google that but basically I'm thinking Rocky V). I did however do some race reports for Clarky & Off That Couch Fitness that can be found below.
In a nutshell Barcelona was my perfect race and I surprisingly managed to qualify in the 45-49 cat in a time of 9 hours 34 minutes. Road to Hawaii
Austria on the other hand didn't go so well, maybe my memories from 6 years previous were somewhat clouded? I strolled home in a time of 9 hrs 51 minutes, by no means a disaster but deserved a lot more effort on my part. Ironman Austria 2016
YouTube video Ironman Austria video

The Big Island beckons. Angie and I celebrating the news at Barcelona.

So for the third time in 6 years I'll be capturing, in diary form, the run up to my Ironman and of course race day. I'll start with a quick recap of the last year and how Kona has shaped the year.

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