Saturday, 17 September 2016

Britcon & Training

Received some good news today from Clarky.  Britcon (our Sponsor) have helped out again with a few funds/kit etc. I’m blown away with this as I have no connection whatsoever to the Scunthorpe construction firm. Until recently I didn’t know anybody that worked there. Several months back Clarky and Shaun from Britcon (after a chance meeting), managed to secure some funding for himself, Jordan Skelly, Ben Baugh and I, on the proviso we give them a bit of exposure.  

I’m even more appreciative now as I received an email from my own place of work stating that they don’t sponsor individuals and won’t be able to offer any help toward my trip to Kona. Disappointing really when I look back at all the years I’ve raised sponsor money towards the Alan Smith Challenge charities! I thought with us being an American company that the World Champs in Hawaii may have been of  interest to somebody within P66. Oh well, I should have seen it coming. Trying to get the time off work was equally disappointing, despite giving a year’s notice! Fortunately for me (and here’s another big thank you) the guys at work recognised the importance of my achievement and between them are covering my shifts, much appreciated guys.

An Interview with OTCF Coach Steve Clark.

So, where am I with training? There are 3 weeks to race day! So, yes I’m panicking but I’ve still got a bit of time to get my two big runs in. Aiden has been brilliant joining me on bike rides. He’s done several century rides with me despite not really benefitting as he’s just got sprint races planned.  120 mile to Skeggy and back was our latest. The ride prior to that was a solo ride to Boston on the TT bike in which I decided to trial my Adamo seat. Big mistake on a long ride. I stopped several times to move it either backward or forwards in an attempt to ease the pain whilst still trying to put the power down, all to no avail. Back to my old Fi’zi’ik I think. Thankfully my mate Matt bought me some Assoss ‘after ride balm’ which genuinely seems to ease things.

Clarky joined me for a 12.5 mile run this week on what was one of the hottest days of the year. Pace was poor (7:55 min/mile) with no drink but it was good practice, serving as a bit of a taster for what to expect.
A 2 mile swim in the weedy Ancholme yesterday and a 7 mile run today with Aiden wasn't as easy as I expected. Now the weight is finally coming off I thought I'd be feeling lighter on my feet but I felt very heavy legged to start with. I gradually settled and felt stronger throughout the run with my last 3 miles being the quicker.  


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