Friday, 16 September 2016

18 Days To Race Day.

I think I must have been pushed for time but I found myself re-visiting Zwift again and paying my £8 monthly subscription. I was a little disappointed not to increase my FTP after a ride around Watopia. I assumed I would be stronger and lighter than I was earlier in the season but it seems not. I noticed my weight stats were set at 177lbs actually lighter than I am now! Then I realised I’d been on it a week before IM Austria so I guess I was in reasonable shape, fair enough but I won’t be happy unless I beat this time/FTP before Kona.

I booked the car rental, a Dodge people carrier at £600 for the fortnight. It isn’t cheap but it’ll mean we can at least explore the island. Paul & Faith are coming out with us so we can share the car & driving especially when I’m letting my hair down post-race.

I tried my HUUB swim skin on in the pool today. It’s extremely tight and doesn’t cover my trisuit top completely so I may leave the top in T1, we’ll see as these things aren’t easy to slip on when you’re wet. Not convinced it’s quicker but at least I’ll be wearing what the majority of the other athletes are wearing. Massive thanks to Dean Kirkham of Realfitness (Also Kona qualifier) for giving me a heavily discounted HUUB voucher towards the cost. I have to say I couldn’t justify paying the full price of £250, just for one race!! Thanks mate I’ll get you a few beers in on the Big Island.

Again I jumped on the turbo and Zwift after staring at the rain through the window. I joined a race around London and was going well until I got hammered up Boxhill by a dozen riders.

I managed to get one of my big runs out of the way today. It’s a relief once you’ve ticked this box. Again, I chose a similar course that I did just before IM Austria so I could gauge my progress. I started off terribly. In fact my second mile was 7:32 min/mile pace. My average pace for the whole of this run in June was 7:34 m/m so it wasn’t looking good. Thankfully I got into a rhythm and apart from the last few miles I steadied at around 7:10-7:25 pace making this run 7:29 pace, 5 seconds a mile quicker and a mile further at 17 mile. Not much improvement but I’ll take it.


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