Sunday, 2 October 2016

With 19 hours to kill on the flights and 2 films already viewed boredom has made me reach for the IPad. 

Nothing much of note has happened since my last post but I remain injury free so I feel pleased that I haven't pushed too hard to have then regretted some of the eleventh hour longer sessions. 
It was Aiden's turn last weekend at the Brigg Sprint and some late season form saw him pick up second place, including a trophy for the fastest bike leg. His 17:19 (5k) run was no match for overall winner Nick Martin's low 16 min run!
This last week seems to have shot by probably due to trying to maintain some kind of training and also the last minute organising. The training has included a few more rides with a tough 4 hrs on Zwift with a personal record of 6 x 750 ml of water being quaffed. 
A 17 mile run at 7:29 pace and then a further double figure run at a slightly better 7:11 min/pace was pleasing but a measly few half hearted lengths in the pool really needs upping. 
My weight reached an all time (Tri) low of 12 stone 3lbs at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately that has since elevated as training has had to take a back seat to the 'Holiday jobs to do list'. You know, that A4 list of jobs that you take great satisfaction in striking a line through when you tick off that particular chore (usually that the missus has left you).  Is it just me or does anybody else find themselves adding  more jobs underneath if you've done something above and beyond the original job scope only for you to then strike a line through it immediately? Maybe just me?
Taking a backseat (literally) on the plane for the best part of a day also doesn't help to maintain your race weight. The Devil makes work for idle thumbs and scoffing seems to be my preferred pastime for killing the time. It's amazing how the mind works. You only need a few slack days off the training & nutrition regimen and you think you've lost it!
Coincidentally, I suppose,  but also taking a back seat is Kev Dawson's familiar face. Obviously I knew Kev was going to Kona but of all the flights and of all the seats on those planes, ....he's sat next to me?
Big thanks to my mate Stenno for loaning me his Zipp 404 clinchers. Due to the mythical winds on the island Disc wheels aren't allowed. This forced me to rethink my wheel set up and although I've never had a flat in an Ironman with my tubs I thought it prudent to go with the old fashioned inner-tube combination. My goal, above all else is to be able to say I've raced and finished Kona. I've never been entirely confident in the past carrying a spare tub, with a couple of different valve extenders/CO2 inflators and that out of date Vitoria Pitstop stuff. Hopefully, back to basics, albeit it at a slight speed handicap will give me a better chance of getting back in the game if something does go awry. The same cant be said for tubs. 

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